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Choose from our vast selection of sound system solutions.

Disc Jockey (DJ)

DJ Service Option

DJ with lighting - $500

4 hours

Our audio professionals specialize in event coordination, lighting, audio and video production. Our team members hold degrees from universities across the United States and have clearance filed in accordance with, a PA state clearance program.

Prom Service Optioin

Prom - $2500

6 hours

Searching for a DJ for your classmates can be a tough decision. We get it. Rent Sound Gear DJ’s spin the most current music. We interface with popular music and how prom guests respond! Our two person crew mix all types of music (we actually mix). Baltimore Club, Pop, Hip-hop, House and top 40, we have it all. Our team of professionals are certified to work with individuals under the age of 18. Visual effects, lasers, Pro LED light show, haze, GOBO with Class logo and Prom event projected on wall. Up-lighting, photo-booth, 2-zones of audio, main dance floor and lobby so students don’t miss important announcements.

Homecoming Service Option

Homecoming - $2500

6 hours

All inclusive. This is a party all in one giant homecoming package! Pro visual effects, lasers, LED light show, high end pro sound system, wireless mic for officiant, photo booth with props (digital), up-lighting, and a GOBO to display class logo and event details on wall. We’re there to make homecoming awesome!

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Photo-booth Service Option
Photobooth w/ Props- $250
3 hours

This photo-booth is a one stop shop. Our photobooth software allows for guests to text photobooth images to any phone number, e-mail images and also auto distribute to an online database! We give you access to all of the photos at the end of the event for FREE! Images can be changed with filters and other imaging effects. The 2D and 3D props make this party favorite an absolute blast!

Photobooth with Printer Service Option
Photobooth w/ Printer- $500
3 hours

This package is awesome, it allows you to print pictures, e-mail pictures, text pictures once they are published. This isn’t actually a booth it’s more of a small stand with a table and proper lighting. This service is unique because it allows for guests to keep their picture or place it into a custom photo album. This is very popular for Rent Sound Gear and the wireless photo-booth service books very quickly. As always, digital copies are included and e-mailed out the next day for posting to social media!


Karaoke Service Option

Karaoke - $500

4 hours

Our karaoke application connects via internet in real-time so we can get you nearly any song, extremely fast! The amount of fun, rented or hosted with one of our engineers (recommended for best value), is off the charts. All ages, all venues, doesn’t matter; karaoke is a blast even for those “not so great” singers. 

Karaoke Service Option 2

Karaoke w/ Props & Recording - $700

4 hours

This is the ultimate karaoke experience. Our KJ/DJ includes unlimited databases of songs, a screen projector, the ability to send wireless signals to any HDMI compatible TV, and also plug into surround HDMI ports of nearby TVs for all to see the words! Includes 4 wireless mics and a recording of your performance. Also included is professional lighting and a small stage for performers. Props like hats, glasses, and other wardrobe items are also present. We play good music between singers! Want us to incorporate raffles, contests, or basic trivia, no problem! The night is yours! 

Karaoke Service Option 3


4 hours

This is our premium karaoke experience. Includes 4 wireless mics for recording audio and video of your karaoke performance. High end sound reinforcement with audio and video engineer. This performance is streamed live from your cohice of social media platform. We commonly support YouTube and Facebook, but have done others. Show your friends LIVE, what they’re missing out on since they didn’t come to your sweet karaoke party. A rise stage with pro lighting, mic stands, props, and small form factor cameras to capture it all. You’re audio will be mixed down along with your video footage into an amazing production. Our team records, mixes and master up to 10 audio video karaoke performances from the night. This is not your ordinary karaoke setup. We bring several databases of music to please your party of establishment! It’s the real day, pro-style karaoke!

Conference media support

Conference Media Service

Free consultation

4 hours

This is an all inclusive service that will meet your multimedia needs at any event. Our consultants know what questions to ask in order to provide you the best bang for your buck. When hosting your professional event, it’s important to show your potential clients or customers that you take them seriously. Professional media services communicates that message. From recording sermons, education lecture multimedia support, hotel conference audio and visual support, or personal development seminars, we provide top notch live production from lighting to microphones.


Sound Consultation Service


8 hours

Our team of pro audio, video, and lighting engineers inter-operate with one another to develop some of the best production that you and your audience have experienced. It’s obvious that we have a passion for live production! We are looking forward to working with you.


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